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Sunday, 1 February 2004
feb 1 2003 - the beginning of a new me and a fresh start over
Okay, so here is what has been happening. I know I haven't posted in awhile but what can I say I have been lazey. But no more. I have fallen of the wagon a couple of time. And this weekend did some serious thinking, and have now recommitted myself to weight watchers. I did try Atkins for a little while but when I went off of it I didn't like how my body made me feel.
I also realized that it isn't for me. I haven't given up on low carb per say. But I am doing it a little differently. I am back on my Weight Watchers and counting my points. Today is day one. And so far so good. I am proud of how I have done so far today. And tonight I will do even better when I go to work. I am not going to promise myself that I won't have any donuts while I am there.
Because I have come to realize that when I make promises like that I can't keep them. I have been exercising, mind you not alot but I am working on it. When I went away this week I walked 1.5 mile for two days in a row and I did ab work for one of the days. I am doing the walk away the pounds tapes. Incase anyone is wondering.
I also got a step counter. It's one of those free ones from Special K. Going to start using that when the weather gets warmer here.And I can go out side for my walks. I did good with my points today. I will have eaten 17 points with one to spare, I am following the Wendi Plan for two weeks. To see if it will help me to lose any. Also I am going to buy a new scale when I get paid again. If money permits I will pay a little more for it this time.
I have 4 months that I am giving myself to lose this weight. I am in my best friends wedding May 28th and have to wear a dress. YUCK!!!!! tried on the dress I want to wear for the wedding today and realized I need to do alot of work on my mid section and my love handles. I start my new work out routine tomorrow morning after I get off of work. No if's and's or but's about it.
If I can figure out how to do it I will post pics for you to see, maybe later. Enough rambling for now I will report tomorrow and let you know how tonight goes at work.
Hopefully the news will be good.

Posted by hopingtolose10 at 8:54 AM
Wednesday, 21 January 2004
Jan 21 /04 day 3
Well I made it to day 3 and I'm still doing good. The test will be tonight when I go to work. I hope I can make it threw without any screw ups. I'm hungry a little now.I find that no matter what I eat today it still leaves me hungry. But I am not going to eat any more cause that will put me over for the day. if I can just hold off till mid night then it will be a new day, the I can start my carbs over.
I am going to make myself eat a salad. And I will not have any donuts or such at work. I have relost the weight that I gained over the weekend and am thankful I am back down to 121lbs. I went up to 129lbs. I think the exercise on top of me eating right the last couple of days has helped. Also my stomach is feeling better , the pains I had over the weekend and until the day before last are now gone. Thank god.
I'm weighing myself tomorrow morning to see if there is any more loss. I'm keeping fingures crossed. Would be nice to get down to either 120lbs or below that. If I can maintaine that's okay to.I'm going to be going to work soon. I haven't had any real cravings over the last couple of days, but then I haven't been around anything to want to eat it.
I have had a slight headach off and on since about friday, had a real bad one saturday night. But I think it's just cause I haven't had any caffiene for awhile. I have been drinking crystal ligh mixed with my water but I have one packet left, I'm debating on weather to get more or not casue it is kind of expensive. I go shopping this weekend for food and will see then if I can find the kinds that I like. Anyway, gotta get ready for work. Will report more on how tonight goes when I get home from work and wake up from my sleep.

Here's hoping I can make it threw tonight. My fingures are crossed. If I make it past tonight, then I know I don't need that stuff

Thats all for now. Until tomorrow


Posted by hopingtolose10 at 4:31 PM
Tuesday, 20 January 2004
Jan 20 2004 day 2 restart
I am still doing good today, I woke up and had my usual breakfast of 2 eggs and bacon. I normally have 4 pieces but I cut back today to 2 just because my stomach was a bit sore still today. I am also making sure I drink my water I am on bottle number three. Going to grab some more soon. I also weighed myself this morning more out of curiousity then anything and to my surprise I have lost 3lbs of the 7lbs that I gained over the weekend. I'm back at my first goal weight of 125lbs. So I need to lose the rest so that I can get back down to 121lbs. Would be nice if I could get down to 120lbs.
I know that if I am strict with this I can do it. I have to be good from now until Jan 29/ 04 That is when I go home. I would like to be able to go home and not have to worry about messing this up. I know that my best friend will want to get together, but when we do I won't have my usual I will have just a bottle of water and no snack while we are out. I will just say no. I have to, Because I am hoping that by that time I will be below 120lbs. And I can say that I have lost close to 40lbs. I am at 30lbs right now. And if I can lose this last 10lbs , then it will make 40lbs. I have never lost that anmount before and it will be a great joy when someone asks me if I lost weight and I can tell them that "Yes, I have , I have lost 40lbs ." And say it with a smile on my face.
I am not rushing to lose the last of this weight. Because that way it will be easier for me to keep it off. I have some worries about when I increase my carbs. I hope that what ever weight I am at , at that point I can keep it off. I know I can maintain at the weight that I am at now. But not at any weight lower then this. Okay, I will take this one day at a time. And think about that when the time comes closer and I know that it will.

Thats all for now,

Here's to a good week. So far so good.


Posted by hopingtolose10 at 9:15 AM
Jan 19 2004
I had to start this diet over again today. After this weekend I know realized that it will take awhile for my body to get used to eating the way that I did before, and if eating that way resualts in me getting sick then I don't want to go back to that way of eating.
Also I gained 7lbs over the weekend because I ate so much. I have been doing really good today. I have not cheated once. I also have given up my diet coke as well haven't had any since sometime this weekend. I think maybe friday night was the last one that I had. I have had headaches as a resualt but they are getting better now, I think the ones that I have now are just because my body is changing from the way that I ate this weekend to eating better today.
I have drank about 125ml's of water today. And have been going to the bathroom all day long, will weigh myself tomorrow morning and see if the woosh fairy pays a visit. I know that what ever weight I do lose tomorrow will be water lose. But Whatever lose I get will be fine with me.

My new start weight for this time around is 129lbs. my goal is to get back to 121lbs which is where I was before the screw up this weekend. I am going to track everything that I put into my mouth and journal on here everyday, I also started exercising yesterday as well. I am doing my walking tapes again and have started to do ab work. Because that is what I mostly need to work on right now.
Anyway, I am tired and also not feeling well so it's off to bed for me. Here's hoping I can make it threw this week.


Posted by hopingtolose10 at 8:39 AM
Sunday, 18 January 2004
Jan 18 /04
I did okay last night if I was still on weight watchers. But not for this diet. I had two peanut butter cookies because I had a really bad headache and I thought that the sugar would help get ride of it a little. which it did somewhat. I am starting this diet over on Monday. I have a menu written out for the day, and will follow that I have work out the carbs as 13.6 grams and cals are low as well. but thats okay, I have been doing okay today with eating but the damage was done before i left work this morning. I will get control of this and stick to it. I am going home in two weeks and want to have lost some more weight before I go.
Have to go to work now, hope that I can make it threw tonight with out having any of the forbidden fruit. Fingers are crossed.

Posted by hopingtolose10 at 4:46 PM
Jan 17/04
I did okay until we got pizza then I ate way too much of it. But I know now because of how my stomach feels and from running to the bathroom that I can't eat it anymore and won't. I have not done very well all this weekend. And have to start over again on Monday morning. I will try and make up for my mistakes tomorrow night at work but I am doubtful.
Short entry today, will write more tomorrow and let you know how work goes.


Posted by hopingtolose10 at 4:40 PM
Jan 16/03 day 4
Okay, I messed up today big time. I had a bagel with cream cheese, it was whole wheat honey had also a hamburger and fries from A&W and yes I ate the bun. I got it with only bacon on it, but I still ate the bun and the fries, what was I thinking ???? I wasn't thats what. Man I was doing so good to. At work when I got hungry had a salad, but it wasn't good enough, I also brought my low carb bars and had those for a snack when I wanted to have a donut instead. I did start to exercise today, but like thats going to help any afte what I ate my carbs for the day are 160.5 and my cals for the day are 1714. Just terrible. I feel aweful right now. not just because of what I ate but because I messed up and now will probaly have a gain tomorrow. And it won't be one pound it will be all the 3lbs that i have already lost. okay enough beating myself up I just have to start over again tomorrow, thats it. No more messing up.
back on track tomorrow. okay enough beating myself up over this it's time for me to go.


Posted by hopingtolose10 at 3:10 AM
Jan 15/04
Still doing well, I am eating under the 20 mark. 18.3 carbs today, and 1151 cal's. I had trouble sleeping tonight, took me awhile to get there and then when I final did I was up going to the bathroom what seemed like every 5 mins. I have heard other people say that they have had problems as well. It's not good for me because I work mid nights I should be awake at night when I am off work and sleeping during the day. Getting used to making it threw the night without any kind of caffiene. I had a diet coke before I left to go to work. But that's okay. I do know this diet works, like I said before because I have lost. both in weight and inches. So far since Jan 6 I have lost -64 inches. some people doubt me when I post this in a certian news group. But I know I measrured right.

mini goals for the day

eat under 20 grms carbs
drink water
no junk at work tonight , stay focused on goals.

Noticed my energy is up, during the day a little more.I'm also not eating as often as I used to. I did weight watchers before this and I ate three main meals (which were small) and then I had three snacks.

but now I have my three main meals and then one snack if I need it. Usually after lunch time.I am worried about when I reach my goal and how I am going to keep it where I want it. Guess I will have to figure out how I am going to keep it there.

okay gotta go

will write more tomorrow

Posted by hopingtolose10 at 3:02 AM
Jan 14/04
Okay I am doing fairly well at this thing. I didn't think that I could do it. But so far I have lost 3lbs. I'm eating under 20 grms of carbs a day. Came close to going over today but I didn't, also doing well with my calories. I'm eating between 1000 and 1200 cals a day. I tried a couple of the Atkins bars. I didn't mind them but some were too sweet for me. I have given up chocalate. At least the real stuff any way, and having one of the bars was sweet at first.
I found a sugar free one, made with splenda so it is okay to have while on Atkins. It is called Carbolite. it says it has 155 of carbs but there is no Fiber count so I am not sure how to figure out the right amount ?????? I am getting better with drinking my water, I have also cut back on the amount of diet pop I drink. I haven't cut it out all together yet,But I am working on it.
I am drinking three to four bottles of water a day, they are 500 ml's each. Once I have at least two to three bottles, I then allow myself to have a diet coke. I have cut out all other caffine. I have gone 23 days with out having any ice cappucinno's. I'm impressed with myself. I started this challenge Dec 23/03 and am doing it for one and a half months.
I have other challenges I am doing and will add them later as I go on. Guess thats it for today, will write more tomorrow or as soon as I can


Posted by hopingtolose10 at 2:24 AM
Tuesday, 13 January 2004
Jan 13 2004
So far I am doing good today, I have been eatting good. No mess ups yet. I am also going to getready to do some exercise as soon as I finish writting this. I did okay yesterday, but could have done better. Making up for it today. I made good choices but I had white bread. So today I am cutting myself off of all things not permitted on induction. The only thing that I am not giving up though is my diet coke. I lost weight before while drinking it so I am going to continue this time.
I am just limiting how many that I can have a day. I have also started to drink more water as well. Which I know will help. I am going to see about joining the gym in the next couple of days. Just need to wait until I can get the money. Which will be soon. I felt terrible the last couple of days, but I know that it was just because of the things I ate at work the last night that I was there. well no more. I am going to go threw one night and the rest f the nights with out getting pains in my stomach. I hate having them, I have lived with them long enough. Time for them to stop

here is what I have had to eat so far today

breakfast oamlet 3 eggs and a mix of veggies 6
4 pieces of bacon 0.8 carbs
1 bottle of water at 500ml
3/4 of a diet coke one left over from

snack atkins endulge bar 2 carbs
diet coke
and 1 bottle of water 500 ml]

well thats it for now will be back later


Posted by hopingtolose10 at 4:36 AM

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